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Olga Teterina


Universal therapy

I personally find it difficult to call the work of Leonid Borisovich work

In my opinion – this is art bordering magic. Pictures, a smile, provocative phrases… – and… breathe in, breathe out – a person comes to life, breathes, the cheeks turn pink with life, the eyes sparkle! Easily! Gracefully! Very carefully, I would even say – affectionately!

Irina Kuzmina

Psychologist, Novosibirsk

Universal therapy

Unbelievably, Universal Therapy encompasses the whole psychology

Unbelievably, Universal Therapy encompasses the whole psychology with all the numerous methods. Your scheme of work is “Psychology on two palms”, because it is so! Immediate passage to the source of the problem and quickly working it out! Techniques that you create are unique!

Valeriya Ilicheva

Business trainer, Yekaterinburg

Metaphoric cards

The seminar went on smoothly, it lasted for five days

The seminar went on smoothly, it lasted for five days, for me, each day was a discovery of the world, myself, the universe… The honesty and sincerity of Leonid Borisovich in his profession calls for nothing but admiration. A rare gift of experience to be with yourself, another person and the universe.

Nadezhda Belyatskaya


Universal therapy

I left the seminar with a sense of happiness

I left the seminar with a sense of happiness, yes indeed, pure happiness, there are a lot of new and interesting things ahead. Many wonderful meetings, many opportunities to help one’s self and others, many tools for work – the seminar provided all these sensations.

Irina Kononenko


Metaphoric cards

Cards are an accurate instrument for touching the soul

Cards are a subtle instrument for touching the soul, which is now organically incorporated into practice. Talpis is a professional, intelligent, subtle, precisely revealed the possibilities of this instrument for me. Leonid is like a one- man orchestra, demonstrated a mastery of different approaches – here is multimodal psychotherapy in action!

Olga Vladimirova


Metaphoric cards

The cards are indeed a magical instrument.

The cards are indeed a magical instrument. It digs deeper than all the other projective techniques, and solve the client’s request a lot faster. They are easy to use, interesting and enjoyable.

Hana Shnaidman


Universal therapy

Fantastic beauty, depth and work effect

“Fantastic beauty, depth and work effect Correct, accurate, clean. To all who live and think, and even more to those who think yet do not live – should immediately and with haste go to Talpis! “

Sensational interview with Leonid

We are always trying to turn life into the achievement of a result and because of this we are losing out in the very process of life

— (Okuneva I.) The first usual question: how do you introduce yourself when it comes to profession? One would say he is a therapist, someone else a consultant, the other a magician. (more…)

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