Life is a big
cosmic game

The only question is, who has the joystick?

I help other people
understand themselves

For that, I arrange a meeting with one’s self


Being the son of a doctor, I, of course, enrolled in Medical school. However, in my third year, I came to understand that a person is more than just the physical body, and health is not limited to the body. I became interested in non-traditional medicine, and then later psychology. In tandem with training in medical school, I began undergoing training in psychology, but did not practice, I just tried to analyze and understand what this is all about.

Then I got my second degree, a degree in psychology. I have been practicing for 20 years and teaching my methods for 15 years. About 5 years ago, I devised my own psychological method - Universal Therapy (UT), it’s constantly being improved and supplemented.

I am guided by two main motives - curiosity and laziness. Therefore, I am constantly learning to make my work more efficient. This allows me to work less, and my clients to get results faster (After all, the more you know, the less you do).

In fact, I focus on an instant vision of where and how something can be improved. There is always something new and interesting in my field.

Therefore, I take what is already there and incorporate it into my system, making improvements and making it useful and convenient for people, or I come up with something fundamentally new that never existed before.
I do not need the personal devotion of the students to me or the method.
I love the anecdote on this subject: «The students came to the teacher and asked:

- Teacher, do you follow your teachers?
- Yes, of course! - answered the teacher.
- But we know that you do not follow anyone, the students objected.
- Correct! exclaimed the teacher- My teachers
did not follow anyone either».

However, to go beyond, to create something new and practical,
you need to have a solid knowledge base. Having received the classical psychological education, I constantly strive to expand my therapeutic arsenal by studying: NLP, Gestalt, Bert Hellinger Family Constellations, art therapy, body-oriented therapy, Erickson’s hypnosis, systemic therapy, metaphoric associative cards, quantum psychology, theta-healing e.t.c.

Universal Therapy, as the name suggests, is a therapy for the world

Which helps to fight against the four terrible viruses of humanity


Using knowledge from several psychological disciplines and my large experience in therapy, I painstakingly developed my own system of therapy. I tried my best to make it address the very essence of the issues a person has (or a problem, to be more precise). The second important parameter is universality. UT allows you to find solutions to any problems: from problems of the body to business issues.

There are two important meanings in the name of my system. Universal Therapy on the one hand alludes to connection with the universe, and on the other hand, to the possibility of using laziness to achieve the fastest possible effect. This is the system that I created, and use it to teach how to help others and myself.

4 Viruses

For the 20 years I’ve been practicing
I realized that humanity
is susceptible to 4
terrible viruses:

We are not here and not now Is there someone out there on the other side of the Internet who isn’t suffering from that?... No? So it’s an epidemic.

We are not happy with what we have not everything is as we’d like

We are not satisfied with ourselves, as we are Is there anybody not suffering from that?... No. I knew it!

Happiness Are you also infected with the greatest marketing virus «We are born to be happy»?

I do not propagate suffering, I am for the middle way. We are born to obtain personal life experience. And if, in the process of getting this experience, you are happy- then those are your personal problems. The goal of Universal Therapy is not to make a person happier, because it is impossible, but to make them more free in their choices.

I help a person understand himself, find resources to withstand exactly what his soul chose as his destiny.

And remember! Life is not a reason to be serious.
It is a big cosmic game.
It’s time to pick up the joystick!


Hana Shnaidman


Universal therapy

Fantastic beauty, depth and work effect

“Fantastic beauty, depth and work effect Correct, accurate, clean. To all who live and think, and even more to those who think yet do not live – should immediately and with haste go to Talpis! “

Galina Shalashova


Metaphoric cards

Metaphoric cards are a miracle

Metaphoric cards are a miracle that Leonid Talpis owns. I came to know about the cards by accident, I will continue studying and practising them forever. I got quite lucky in the class, and was chosen as the client. For some 20 minutes or so, Leonid performed a miracle which I had not even dreamt of. With the help of cards he healed my symptom, with which I had lived for many years

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