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Assemblage Point

An effective technique of quantum psychology, available to professionals
and anyone willing

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27 April

Assemblage point


Израиль. 27/04/2023 - 28/04/2023

Easy and fun educational seminar on quantum psychology, Israel

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7 October

Assemblage point


Онлайн . 07/10/2023 - 08/10/2023

Easy and fun educational seminar on quantum psychology, Онлайн

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27 Apr

07 Oct

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Spheres of life

The training includes quantum psychology, elements of Universal Therapy
and a technique to identify basic charges
and dualities for working with the key spheres of your life


Techniques for rapid healing of psychological and physical symptoms


Eliminating situations blocking your relationship


Normalization of relations with oneself

Achievements of goals

Effective assistance in the implementation of your plans and tasks

This technique allows you to

Choose from an infinite variety of existing realities,
that in which you can meet with the optimal version of yourself,
your life, your health

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Do you want to overcome your own blocks
and go beyond your own

Assemblage point will help you get the most advanced tools of quantum psychology
to manage your reality and become more confident
and flexible in choosing the best options for your future

After the seminar

you can immediately use the knowledge and skills
you have received for yourself, your relatives and your clients

The assemblage point seminar is aimed at:

And most importantly:

Assemblage point will give you the opportunity to change your point of view of reality
and look at your life from a new angle!


Olga Zhvan


Assemblage Point

I noticed that a simple technique at first glance, allows you to look deeply

I noticed that a simple technique at first glance, allows you to look deeply into yourself and your history, look at the usual questions from a different perspective. And this new perspective allows us to understand what often escapes when working by other methods. Another big advantage, in addition to ease of use, is the speed of the process, which can last only 10-20 minutes. There is no need to search for the cause for a long time, we get straight to the goal – without any secondary issues, without tangling in the stories, without any “lyrics”.

Elena Gerasimova


Assemblage Point

I attended Talpis’ seminar on “Assemblage point”

I attended Talpis’ seminar on “Assemblage point”. My doubts about seminars, particularly by Leonid Borisovich, dissolved in an instant after the first example of Leonid’s work! This is an inexpressible kaleidoscope of feelings, emotions and sensations! I just heard that it is powerful and useful, but after the seminar I experienced it on myself! And the most surprising thing is the simplicity in everything and a tremendous sense of humor!

Transform your life today!

Allow yourself a miracle of transformation,
living in each of you

transform your life

Assemblage Point

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    38 000До 30/06/2023

    40 000До 31/08/2023

    42 000После 31/08/2023

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    Talpis Leonid Borisovich

    Practicing psychologist and a descendant of a doctor. Two degrees: In medicine and Psychology

    20years of practice in psychology

    15years of developing his own method - Universal Therapy

    1The first to teach metaphoric cards as an element of Universal Therapy

    20students throughout his practise


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    Everyone undergoing the training will receive a certificate from "Creative World" Psychological Center

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