Trainer's course

The course is intended for professionals
who want to teach metaphoric cards with elements of the Universal Therapy


To do the course,
you need to:

Study Universal Therapy
and additions 1-2-3

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Basic course on
metaphoric cards
and experience in working with them
for at least six months

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Assemblage Point Seminar

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Features of the methodology of teaching working with metaphoric cards
by the method of Leonid Talpis. Professional nuances, clarity
and sensitivity of the therapist, the distinctiveness of interaction
with clients, the use of cards in individual and group therapy:
from psychosomatics to business consulting.


The course is recommended for psychologists who:

Have undergone training at seminars on Universal Therapy and the Additions

Have a sufficient degree of laziness so as not to waste time on inefficient methods and long conversations with the client

Are sincerely in love with Universal therapy and are ready to actively develop and promote it

Are in good contact with their sensitivity, clarity and something Greater

Have a sufficient degree of awareness not to "do good", but to increase the degree of freedom of the client and provide new opportunities for their decision making

Know what the "Field of Love" is Are able to be in a meta-position while working with a client, creating for them a loving and trusting atmosphere

Never cease to learn and develop in their practice

Feel an inner willingness to give share knowledge, and do it with humor and ease

Are ready to be in contact constantly with their internal truth and not deviate from it

Undergoing the training course entitles one to:

  • Independently teach metaphoric cards with elements of Universal Therapy.
  • A certificate of the official representative in their city / country and the opportunity to receive substantial discounts when purchasing cards for their seminars.
  • Organize Leonid Talpis'
    seminars in their city / country.
  • Carry out support groups for people who have participated in seminars on Universal Therapy and Assemblage Points.
  • Take part in annual training groups
    and group therapy for trainers.
  • To be included in the section
    "Partnership seminars" on this site.


Trainer's course

To register for the course, fill out the form

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    The cost for participating in the training course is

    72000 rubles

    After making an advance payment of 5 000 rubles

    * Applications for participation in the training course are preliminarily selected. We reserve the right to reject your participation in the course, if we understand that you are not yet ready to become a coach.

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