Universal therapy

The author's technique by Leonid Talpis, for those who are tired of numerous psychotherapy techniques,
requiring long-term study, and those tired of lengthy treatment and cures


8 November

Universal Therapy


Онлайн. 08.11.2024 - 12.11.2024

Author's course by Leonid Talpis, Online


Description of the technique

Universal Therapy is an author’s technique by Leonid Talpis, based on more than 20 years
of therapeutic practice, knowledge in the field of gestalt, constellations,
provocative therapy, quantum psychology Theta-Healing, bodily and procedural therapy
and many other methods

The main advantages of Universal Therapy include:


Clear scheme of work
for dealing with any questions

The versatility
of tools

Individual approach to any client, extensive tools for solving a wide variety of tasks

High speed
and efficiency

1-5 sessions to solve the most difficult life problems instead of several years of therapy

Does not entail a lot of
"background digging"

Getting to the core of the problem that lies beyond the stories invented by the client


The possibility to work independently right after the training

The main advantage of the technique

is a clear step-by-step structure for identifying the causes of what is happening with the client
and an understandable algorithm for solving psychological problems


Universal Therapy does not spend time on minor things, on long stories that have nothing to do with what is actually happening

During the training you will be able to try on yourself and learn to use simple and understandable techniques that provide an opportunity to immediately get to the heart of the matter, using the resources provided by the client, as well as humor and laziness of the therapist

Universal Therapy is suitable for you if you:


In just five days

you will learn the methodology and structure of Universal Therapy, you can integrate it into your practice and try the method on yourself to solve the key issues in your life

During training, you will learn how to:

Topics for discussion

And most importantly: Everyone undergoing the training will receive a certificate from "Creative World" Psychological Center



Olga Teterina


Universal therapy

I personally find it difficult to call the work of Leonid Borisovich work

In my opinion – this is art bordering magic. Pictures, a smile, provocative phrases… – and… breathe in, breathe out – a person comes to life, breathes, the cheeks turn pink with life, the eyes sparkle! Easily! Gracefully! Very carefully, I would even say – affectionately!

Irina Kuzmina

Psychologist, Novosibirsk

Universal therapy

Unbelievably, Universal Therapy encompasses the whole psychology

Unbelievably, Universal Therapy encompasses the whole psychology with all the numerous methods. Your scheme of work is “Psychology on two palms”, because it is so! Immediate passage to the source of the problem and quickly working it out! Techniques that you create are unique!

Nadezhda Belyatskaya


Universal therapy

I left the seminar with a sense of happiness

I left the seminar with a sense of happiness, yes indeed, pure happiness, there are a lot of new and interesting things ahead. Many wonderful meetings, many opportunities to help one’s self and others, many tools for work – the seminar provided all these sensations.

Valeriya Ilicheva


Universal therapy

The seminar went on smoothly, it lasted for five days

The seminar went on smoothly, it lasted for five days, for me, each day was a discovery of the world, myself, the universe… The honesty and sincerity of Leonid Borisovich in his profession calls for nothing but admiration. A rare gift of experience to be with yourself, another person and the universe.

Lilia Kovbasa


Universal therapy

Universal Therapy finds the roots of problems and eliminates them

Universal Therapy finds the roots of problems and eliminates them. It fulfills absolutely any requests (actually all requests fit into 3 areas only: relationships, health, money). I would call it the method of truth. When we get to the truth, the body always knows that and gets a quick healing.

Do you want to try the effectiveness of
Universal Therapy on yourself?

By solving your questions, you will learn how to help others


Universal therapy

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    95 000До 01/07/2024

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    105 000После 01/09/2024

    Cost of seminar

    * Before attending the seminar on Universal Therapy, it is necessary to attend a seminar on Metaphoric cards by Leonid Talpis or his students,
    and a seminar on Assemblage points.
    * Expectant women in the first trimester period of pregnancy are not recommended to take part in the course.

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    Talpis Leonid Borisovich

    Practicing psychologist and a descendant of a doctor. Two degrees: In medicine and Psychology

    20years of practice in psychology

    15years of developing his own method - Universal Therapy

    1The first to teach metaphoric cards as an element of Universal Therapy

    20students throughout his practise


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