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Batch training

Undergo a program of 7 seminars with the most progressive
psychological techniques to transform your life.


7 seminars are designed to fully
teach Universal Therapy and gain
experience in solving key life issues

Metaphoric cards

Cards will show the true reasons behind what is happening to you and help you find the best solution.

Theta Healing

Through contact with the Creator, you can heal yourself and others.

Universal therapy

Transforms your system of beliefs and values, gives you a fundamentally new look at familiar things.

Universal Therapy.
Addition 1-2-3

Helps you go beyond your usual scenarios, clarify your idea of Life and Death, Freedom and Uncertainty, Relationship with yourself and the World and other basic issues of our existence.

Assemblage point

The latest achievements of quantum psychology in two days! The main therapeutic tool used in Universal Therapy.

Two years of training will fill your life with
new meanings and opportunities

Unconventional training in a circle of like-minded people.
Knowledge and skills, obtained with humor and ease!


Choose a convenient date for the seminar You can choose trainings with convenient dates for you, most of the seminars are held twice a year.

For two years you will be informed about the time and place of training and seminars.

It is possible for repeated participation of the seminars With a 30% discount and the pre-emptive right to attend group therapy seminars and support groups between seminars for a fee.

You save much by buying the whole program!

By paying for batch training,
you receive a 15% discount on the seminars.

Batch training

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    Сost of education

    207 000 rubles176 000 rubles

    Сost of education

    * Undergoing the training is possible only after fully paying half of the training cost. The second half is paid within half a year from the start of the course.

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